Ubale Skateboard Co is currently looking for active streetwear and skateboard bloggers to join our community.

Ubale Skateboard Co is currently looking for active streetwear and skateboard bloggers to join our community.

Ubale Skateboard Co is working on making a online skateboard and streetwear community mostly focusing on skateboarding videos from commited skateboarders and other online skateboard clothing brands, Ubale Skateboard Co has a wixsite blog and blogspot that offers Adsense, category/topic posting, hashtags and a user follower system so every post is perfectly customizable and seen by your very own fan base.

Ubale Skateboard Co is also working on a interactive blog called Instaskater.com or Instaskater.ca that will be devoted to just "instagram/youtube skateboarders" that are looking for sponsorship, People will be able comment and tell the skateboarders what they think of the video(s). It is currently a redirect for ubale.tv our official tumblr page that also publishes skateboarding videos in somewhat the same manner.

If you are a hard working blogger and you want more good backlinks and more Adsense money you are in the right place it's just a click and a resume away from your dream side job, here is everything you need to know about our network.

We are also looking for female fashion bloggers for Bonjour Couture that love new and old female brands we currently do not have Adsense but with your help we can make it a valued property with interactive users you can profit from.

Delta Cude Records is looking for EDM bloggers that create articles about new and old EDM artists, events and labels.


Write Blogs With Easily Translatable Terms.

Use SEO Friendly Page Links And Keywords.

Cross Reference Your Work And Others.

Review Songs, Products And Clothing.

Share The Sign Up To Our Email List.

Post On Social Media.

Read Emails.

What we can offer you!


SEO Keywords.

New Followers.

Instagram Posts.

A Email Address.

Links In Our Mailing List.

Posts Through Our Social Media Marketing.

Adsense Money.

Webmaster Delegation.

We currently own the following website.

https://ubale.ca/ (Adsense)

https://ubale.tv/ (Working on Adsense)

https://ubaleskateboardcompany.ca/ (Adsense)

https://ubaleskateboardcompany.com/ (Adsense)

https://skateboarding.vistaprintdigital.com/ (Adsense)

https://ubaletv.blogspot.com/ (Adsense)

https://instaskater.ca/ (Coming Soon!)

https://instaskater.com/ (Coming Soon!)

https://hypeknology.wixsite.com/blog/ (Adsense)

https://delta-cube-records.wixsite.com/fuckplur/ (Adsense)

https://https://shop.bonjourcouture.ca/ (Working on Adsense)

and our Google Places Websites. (No Adsense)

Contact us with a link to a blog you have worked on or a written resume to our email address [email protected] or mail it to:

Ubale Skateboard Company.

34 - 2430 Wilson Ave.

Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 1Z6.


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